About Us

Paneast foods  is all about the excellencies of Addis Down Town innovations! In a business life-span of more than a decade, we have successfully launched, to a full-fledge operation, Downtown Catering and Event Management Service (ADTCEMS), Downtown Cafe & Restaurant, Downtown-Capri Lounge & Restaurant (CDT) and Paneast Foods.

About Paneast Foods

Paneast foods  is all about the excellencies of Addis Down Town innovations!

Paneast  incorporated in 2003 is one of the capitals leading investments with restaurant and catering service providers. Paneast  decree is to endorse, as the most preferred, renowned restaurant and catering business providers. Owing to the unparalleled quality of services, Paneast has been able to gain the appreciation of a large number of customers, who are spread all across the country. Paneast is all about providing an experience for customers that satisfy their taste buds as well as their spirit.

Paneast Foods was established a four years ago and stands for fresh food, reliability and innovations, Addis Paneast’s board compromises more than 50 Spices which are organic and natural for an international market.

Paneast Foods

Paneast Foods was established four years ago and stands for natural and organic and we export more than 50 Spices from Ethiopia for an international market.

Downtown Cafe,Bar & Restaurant

Developing, running and maintaining an open-kitchen concept, along with strong reputation in both product and service quality, we are proud that we are now among the most preferred destinations by customers dwelling across the Capital.

Downtown Catering & Event

DownTown Catering Service is organized to provide professional catering service with the capacity of star-grade level where professionals who are entrusted to render high-end services in four catering categories.


Ethiopia has the largest number of livestock more than any other country in Africa, according to the latest livestock census statistics conducted on the African continent.

Natural GUM

Ethiopia is one of the countries well endowed with various species of Acacia, Boswellia and Commiphora that are known to produce gum arabic, frankincense and myrrh, respectively. Over 60 gum and resin bearing species are found in the country.

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